Journal Entry: Nichole Lynn Freeman-07/25/2023

Journal Entry

Today was extremely hot and because of the temperature we only worked a half-day. Regardless, I still got a lot done. In Horticulture, I re-potted all of the ficus trees that line our center hallway. The trees needed smaller pots and new soil, and it was beneficial to raise the stock and roots higher inside the pots. I put in 4 live hours toward my certification. ( Goal #2) After work, I read chapter 8 of A Briefer History of Time by Stephen Hawking, and comprised my introduction paragraph of my first book report. (Goal #1) I feel inclined to admit that today was tough for me. Although largely productive, I still sometimes feel generally down being behind bars. My much-appreciated burst of comfort came late into the evening when I shared a phone call with my mom and my son. I close my eyes and find serenity while hearing their voices. I know in my heart I must do everything possible to be better for myself and for them. On a positive note: Tomorrow I start an ACE class I signed up for at 9:30 am