Journal Entry: Nichole Lynn Freeman-01/12/2024

Journal Entry

It is true that prison can and does erode physical and mental health. In my first year and a half of incarceration, this was very real to me. It affected me in such a negative way I found myself depressed and lazy. I have overcome these emotions and feelings with routine and daily practice. My routine is solid, I am up by 5:30 am and suited and booted by 7. I program RDAP during the morning hours and work on my Greenhouse Specialist VT certification in the afternoon. After hours I do step and hit class to work on my body, it also increases my mental health tremendously. I keep my mind sharp with the books I choose to read in my free time. I realize I love science, a newfound interest of mine. Anything to do with space time or the universe. My weekdays go in this order and it keeps me balanced.