Journal Entry: Neil Stephany-04/28/2024

Journal Entry

Today is frustrating because I was planning on relaxing. They’ve called me three times for different medical appointments that nobody told me anything about. And I can’t refuse because then that gets put in my file and twists against me. A few months ago I had committee where they decide what prison I get sent too and the CO said I can go to that or go take my drug test. So that is a perfect example of something that is now in my file for refusing a drug test. So it’s hard to stay positive with so much stacked against me. But I still try to push through it. All I can do is my best to be a good person and stay away from negativity. I do self-help studies everyday. I think I’m going to write my own self-help book.

Character defects: frustration, envy, selfish

Grateful: Kim, my health, love