Journal Entry: Neil Stephany-04/04/2024

Journal Entry

They reduced my write-up to a counseling for disobeying a direct order. Which at least makes more sense. From now on I have to ask each individual co every direction they are giving. But it helps that I’m somewhere with cameras now. I really expect officers to act honorably. I think because I know my family members and love and respect them. So I assume others will have the same integrity. But its insane that anyone having a bad day can type anything they want in our file and then we have to admit to it even if we honestly didn’t do it. I’m hoping the courts can straighten this out now that it is finally over. In these situations I need to practice surrender, the third principle. Accepting the things I cannot change, the first line of the serenity prayer. And the second agreement not to take anything personal.

Character defects: need to practice loving all people, need to work on acceptance, anger

Grateful: 12 steps, 4 agreements, and the serenity prayer.

A grateful mind is a sober mind