Journal Entry: Neil Stephany-03/27/2024

Journal Entry


Character defects: wandering mind, self-criticism, ego-oriented

Grateful: canteen, mindfulness, physical fitness

I’m reading the final chapter to the four agreements. I’ll be ready to write a book report soon. I’ve been catching up on homework. Doing a lot of edovo work on my tablet because it is hard to get into groups here. My sponsor sent me workbooks for the steps. I ran laps today for an hour. I’ve been practicing guitar more. It’s hard for me to take any relationship too seriously because I’m still not all the way over my ex-wife. And the court system is ridiculous to deal with. So I’ve been practicing the 3rd principle of surrender. It’s out of my control and falls under the category of things I cannot change. And the 11th step praying only for God’s knowledge and the power to carry that out. Changing what I can.