Journal Entry: Neil Stephany-03/25/2024

Journal Entry


I worked out today. Worked on my narrative for my English class. Its my first time writing an actual story like that. It is the story of how I dropped out from the mainline and started to change my life. And it was good to write about trauma that happened because I was able to take a hard look at it. Accept what happened. And move past it. It was a good chance to practice the 6th principle willingness by being willing to write and to work through events that are difficult, the 8th principle love to practice loving everybody-well try at least. 2nd principle hope. For the future and for change and growth, 3 surrender to the past and not being able to change it, and 1 honesty, being honest with myself. It also gives me a chance to practice the second agreement to not take anything personal.

Other then that I face timed with my sponsor and worked on the steps and worked on growing my support network.