Journal Entry: Neil Stephany-03/15/2024

Journal Entry

I haven’t been writing because I’ve been dealing with a situation from the last prison I came from & co’s who abuse their authority. I was told to change my shirt and I complied and the next day I was sent to solitary for 6 months for it. Over the next six months, I was harassed by these same CO’s. There was footage they sent to the DA who said that this does not meet a crime and rejected it. So they are giving me a rvr without the use of the video footage. Dealing with this I know that step one says I’m powerless and this is out of my control. Step three says to give it over to a higher power, surrender. The third agreement is don’t take it personal. But it is hard not to. Using the steps I still haven’t used through this experience or my last strenuous experience through my divorce. And I haven’t lashed out. I’m contuing to work on my studies and self. That is all I can do.