Journal Entry: Neil Stephany-03/11/2024

Journal Entry

I went to electronics today. I also read about the third agreement, which is don’t make assumptions. A lot of people do and base them on their opinions and make them facts.

I did an anger management course on edovo. I learned sometimes people get angry because they are tired or hungry and sometimes it’s better to just go eat or sleep and forget about the argument and a lot of times the argument will disappear. I also learned anger has a beginning and ending. So if you ride out the anger it will eventually fade. And to make sure not to react in anger because you can never change an action we have made.

I worked out. Then I went to my child development class. We learned about how babies can be affected the rest of their lives based on the mother’s choices in food or environmental factors of stress to the mother during utero. Than I came home. I’m still working on uploading my journal to prison professors so that I can do my part to show that prisoners are making positive efforts to succeed after prison.