Journal Entry: Neil Stephany-03/06/2024

Journal Entry

Today I woke up and read the beginning of the 4 Agreements. I learned the importance of being impeccable with your word. The word has power. Gossip puts a poison on people. But people don’t realize what they are doing. So we should hold no I will towards them.

I then read three of my classmate’s papers for my English Honors class. To be able to give them feedback in class tomorrow. I was able to get some stuff done because my electronics vocation was canceled.

Speaking of electronics I talked to my friend Billy who was a counselor at a rehab I went to. He now works as a manager for small volt electronics and he said he would have a job for me when I get out. That was exciting.

I then ran laps around the track for an hour. And did an Edovo lesson. I have some more homework to do before I go to my Child Development college course tonight.