Journal Entry: Monday, December 25, 2023

Journal Entry

The Art of Reinvention: Personal Growth After Prison

In a world rapidly transformed by technological advancements, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), the journey of personal reinvention takes on a new and exciting dimension. For individuals emerging from prison, this transformation offers both challenges and tremendous opportunities for personal and professional growth. At Prison Professors Talent, our course, “Preparing for Success after Prison,” is dedicated to equipping you with the tools and mindset necessary for this journey of reinvention.

Adapting to the Age of Artificial Intelligence

The era of AI represents a seismic shift in how the world operates. For someone like me, who served 26 years in prison, the transition was stark. I entered a world where digital technology had revolutionized every aspect of life. Learning to send an email, navigate the internet, or use a smartphone were initial hurdles that I overcame through perseverance and a willingness to learn.

AI is not just a technological novelty; it’s a paradigm shift with far-reaching implications for employment and entrepreneurship. While incarcerated, you might not have direct access to AI, but the skills you develop through our course can be the foundation upon which you build your understanding and engagement with these new technologies upon release.

The Power of Preparation and Learning

Our First-Step Act approved course (Preparing for Success after Prison) emphasizes the importance of preparation and continuous learning. It’s about developing a mindset that embraces change and seeks to understand new technologies like AI. This preparation is not just about technical skills; it’s about cultivating critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability—skills that are crucial in a world where AI is reshaping industries and creating new ones.

Personal Reinvention Through Education

Personal growth in prison should focus on education and self-improvement. Take the initiative to learn, whether it’s through formal courses, reading, or engaging in constructive discussions. This proactive approach to education will make your transition back into society smoother and open doors to new opportunities, especially in fields influenced by AI.

Invitation to Participate and Share

We at Prison Professors Talent invite you to be part of our transformative journey. Join our course “Preparing for Success after Prison” and begin laying the groundwork for your successful reentry. Share your progress, challenges, and victories with us at By including “Request a Book” in the subject line of your email, we can donate a book from our resources to aid your journey, provided our nonprofit has the resources available. Choose from titles like “Earning Freedom: Conquering a 45-Year Sentence,” “Success after Prison,” or “Preparing for Success after Prison” to guide your path.

Challenge for Our Readers

As you navigate your journey of reinvention, we challenge you to think critically about how AI might impact your future. Consider industries that AI is likely to transform and how you can position yourself to be a part of that transformation. What skills can you develop now that will be relevant in an AI-driven world? How can your unique experiences and perspectives contribute to this new landscape?

In conclusion, the art of reinvention after prison is a journey that requires courage, commitment, and a willingness to adapt to a rapidly changing world. By embracing the challenges and opportunities presented by AI, and equipping yourself with the right mindset and skills, you can turn your post-incarceration life into a story of success and continual growth.

Michael Santos
Founder, Prison Professors Talent