Journal Entry: Miguel Venancio-05/18/2024-POEM

Journal Entry

From Drew Street to Destiny

In the heart of the city, where dreams are scarce, On Drew Street, life’s a deck with the hardest cards.
Marginalized minds, racial disparities face, Poverty’s chains, a relentless chase.

Yet, in this concrete jungle, resilience thrives, Among the forgotten, hope somehow survives. Incarcerated by circumstance, not by choice, I found strength in silence, power in voice.

Educated by the streets, where wisdom’s untamed,
Lessons in survival, in neon lights framed. They say you can’t rise above the night’s cold grip,
But I’m the captain of my fate, the master of my ship.

They try to bring me down, to see me fall, But I’ve danced with danger, stood tall through it all.
From the infamous alleys of struggle and strife, I carve a path of purpose, a new lease on life.

So let them doubt, let them glare, let them scorn, I’m a phoenix rising from the ashes reborn. For every
taunt, every barrier, every closed door, only fuels my ascent, makes me soar.

From Drew Street to destiny, the journey’s mine, with every step, in my spirit, I define. The power to
overcome, to fight, to stand, With a pen as my sword, and dreams at hand.