Journal Entry: Miguel Venancio-04/15/2024

Journal Entry

Monday, April 15, 2024


Started the day with meditation for 30 minutes and got ready for (SAP) class which is the integrated Substance use Disorder Treatment program. •presented my 4 minute speech on “what life lesson I have learned while incarcerated” and received positive feedback and was elected to do my speech on graduation from the teacher.

  • •Went to yard and completed a workout (200 burpees,5 laps, and some bars at the end)
  • •Shower, did laundry, and read a bit of ” The divine comedy” by Dante
  • •completed the “CEO of your life a humble begging” course on edovo and received a certificate
  • •Worked on legal work for my lawyer
  • •Spoke with my kids and beautiful wife before bed


  • Today’s challenge: Delay in program due to incident on yard, which impacted my goals and schedule.
  • What did I learned today? Empathy and emotional intelligence in SAP class
  • What am I proud of accomplishing? Successful presentation and completing another Edovo course


Finish the parenting course on edovo

Get my poem ” Hell in a shell” copyright (which been waiting 3 months now)

  • Prepared for resentencing and upcoming court date

Tuesday April 16 legal call with my lawyer


thankful to be alive

  • Thankful for my beautiful wife’s support and presence in my life

Thankful for my health