Journal Entry: Michael Kidwell-11/28/2029

Journal Entry

So I haven’t posted in a while because I know that being here is my fault and I don’t intend to use this forum to complain. I am trying to stay positive in a very negative space. It’s not easy. My Mother taught me many valuable lessons, one of which is that if I don’t have something good to say then keep my trap shut.
The last week and weekend being the Thanksgiving Holiday was incredibly tough. I am ashamed of myself for being in this situation and away from my family. This was the first Holiday away from home. Holidays here are not cheerful. Essentially we were locked in our cell block for four days straight. The outdoor and indoor rec facilities were closed. I spent a lot of time reading. I’ve been here 19 days today and I’ve finished reading 4 novels and started on a fifth.
On the bright side, I have received some letters of encouragement that I greatly appreciate and some great books from my Wife and my friend Stacy. Having good people behind me outside of these walls makes all the difference in the world.
Currently;y the phone system is still free but the allotment of minutes goes fast and I’m almost out for the month so phone calls home are short and sweet. I have applied for a job in the education department and I have my family working on getting me enrolled into Upper Iowa University so I can pursue a degree in business while I’m here.
A routine is starting to form and hopefully, I will be able to write more. I started the first chapter in my book so I guess that’s something. There are always bright spots even in the darkest times we just have to find the Humility to see them. Today I’m concentrating on not losing the hopefullnessI had before I self-surrendered. I’m sticking to the plan I made and doing the work.
On a side note, it’s amazing how many things you can make out of ramen noodles. Also, it takes about 19 days to be completely sick of Ramen noodles! Some of you know what I mean!