Journal Entry: Michael Kidwell-11/07/2023

Journal Entry

Journal/blog entry
Tuesday November 7th 2023

The time has come. I self surrender to FCI Yazoo City Low tomorrow so I drove over a day early. I would like to at least see some of my surroundings before I’m locked in. It was a beautiful day today and I’ve been trying my best to just stay in the moment and enjoy the day. So far so good.

The amount of preparation this community has helped me with is beyond valuable but I’ve also learned something important that I’m gonna make sure to pass on and that is this: Be prepared but don’t expect that you’ll ever feel totally prepared for this. No matter how many things I accomplished there was always something else that needed to be done and some unknowns that there just aren’t answers for until I’m on the inside.

I’ve used today to reach out to my support network and make sure everyone knows how to reach me. I’ve given hugs and exchanged really nice messages from people. I let the sun beat on my face and played every one of my favorite songs on the drive here singing to the top of my lungs. We stopped in a few places to take some pictures enjoy the day and savor my last few cigarettes.

I somehow also managed to find what I’m sure is the last remaining Western Sizzlin! I haven’t seen one in 20 years or more. It was a childhood favorite and made me laugh when I saw the sign so I thought what the hell.

All in all it has been a great day thanks to the people that love me and are here for me. Tomorrow will be tough but I’m going in armed with knowledge and preparation. I’m going in with determination and a smile on my face. They can lock me up but they can’t break me.