Journal Entry: Michael Donell Moore-12/10/2023

Journal Entry

Staying Connected: connection is vital to life. Before birth, we all are connected to our mother, until after birth we are physically disconnected. However, we are still emotionally connected to our mother, even if we do not know who our mother is. The longing, the curiosity, the lingering emotional sting for physical connection will always be there. The right connections can change the trajectory of one’s pathway to success. Numerous instances I have connected with individuals for various reasons. Some of the connections were valuable and there were some that were not so great. Nevertheless, through it all, I have learned the importance of connection. All connections aren’t meant to last, but there are some that are. From years of networking, I continue to evolve in discerning whether or not connecting with someone is beneficial. Through trial and error, I see personal growth in that area. Staying connected is important through all walks of life. Therefore, I want to thank Michael Santos and the Prison Professor Talents team for providing a pathway to positive connectivity for the success of our future.