Journal Entry: Michael Donell Moore-12/09/2023

Journal Entry

Forgive. Forgiveness is something easier said than done. There is not a single person that I know, that has not struggled with unforgiveness. Forgiveness can break someone’s negative patterns such as anger, resentment and unhealthy torment to the physical body. A situation occurred that of the incident was so critical, truthfully, I didn’t think I would ever be able to forgive. Through years of prayer, expressing the Bible and spiritual meditation, I was able to forgive. I can honestly say that it feels so wonderful! The mental disability from unforgiveness is gone, I am able to channel in and cast down all vain imaginations of vengeance. Just like everything else in life, forgiveness takes work. Especially depending on what took place to strike the nerve of unforgiveness. What I learned through the forgiveness, is that it is worth it. Now every encounter that requires forgiveness, I do my best to do so with love of my creator and move forward.