Journal Entry: Michael Donell Moore-12/07/2023

Journal Entry

I am a southern guy who loves sweet tea. Not just tea that tastes well, but tea that is ice cold and perfectly sweet. Some people like their tea with lemon, however, personally it doesn’t enhance the tea, but takes away from it. my brother blessed me with a financial breakdown of the word tea. Time, energy and attention are what’s required of us to do pertaining to our finances. Inflation has taken a critical turn for the worse for some families. Being incarcerated there are always constant changes in policy, institutional meals, staff and prices for commissary. Due to these frequent changes, my time, energy and attention must be precise and focused on moving forward. Some things require more of my time, energy and attention. However, if there is anything that does not serve a positive purpose to my future success: my time, energy and attention will go elsewhere. No more excuses!