Journal Entry: Michael Donell Moore-12/04/2023

Journal Entry

Everyday I attempt to learn something new. My good brother and great friend, DaRayl D. Davis, Has been conducting financial education tutorials. Him and I have a great understanding regarding finances, financial vehicles and music. However, his weekly presentation of “Understanding the Fundamental Frameworks for Financial Success” has increased my personal understanding in terms of finance and where growth is needed. Recently, Davis presented what he calls the ” MOM and DAD” factor, which is “Demand-Ability-Difficult to replace us,” although, the “MOM” factor is where we all should begin. “MOM” represents ” Mindset-Overrides-Money.” This particular factor has been something I have had difficulties with for years. Davis stressed great emphasis on how money should never be more important than our mindset. For years money has been of more importance than my mind. Due to responsibilities, the need for money was necessary. However, when I was able to retain money, my mind wasn’t healthy. From this day forward, I will be conscious of having a healthy mind. With a healthy mind, anything can be obtained. Money is the root of all evil, there is no way money can be of more value than my mind. It is time for me to act as such: “MInd-Overrides-Money.”