Journal Entry: Michael Donell Moore-12/03/2023

Journal Entry

BE YOURSELF!: My grandfather, L. Moore, was a tough, structured human being. However, we didn’t always agree on everything. Nevertheless, he was always firm on all of his positions and was not one to back down. One of the greatest lessons he could’ve ever left behind for me to hold on to is to be myself. There were times when I was not being authentic with myself and towards others. As I grow older in age, I realize that being myself is the one of, if not the best things I could ever do. Opportunities are always available to those who not only love themselves but love themselves enough to be themselves no matter what. When individuals see who you really are and what you bring to the table, let them decide if they value who you are. However, never change who you are for anyone. There is only one of you ever to live, the world needs you, your family needs you, and your community needs you. Not someone else in you, but your gifts, your talents, and skillset. BE YOURSELF!!