Journal Entry: Michael Donell Moore-01/10/2024

Journal Entry

I am one of many prisoners who doesn’t qualify for FSA, however, I am currently studying the “Success after Prison” course that is FSA accredited. Individuals have asked me why I am so interested in taking a course that I may not ever reap the FSA credit. My only answer to them is, for me, it is not about the FSA, it is about the knowledge that will be presented to me through the program to keep me focused on my long-term goals. Before sentencing, I had the privilege of participating in the Straight-A-Guide. It gave me a sense of hope and reminded me that I was still worth something to society. I have always been someone that strived for success no matter what. However, the charge and my conviction changed the way I thought about myself. No matter what I have going on around me, it is my intentions to continue to participate in things that will keep me focused on my pathway to success and never looking back.