Journal Entry: Michael Donell Moore-12/06/2023

Journal Entry

Truth be told, I do not know how to read a map. Growing up during the bursting of technology, maps became digital. Instead of reading maps, GPS became the normal resource of utilization. We all have once “mapped” our lives or had certain plans that we wanted to fulfill. Nevertheless, everything does not always go according to our plans. From a financial perspective, D. Davis’s tutorial “Understanding the Fundamental Frameworks for Financial Success,” a map should be used when it comes to one’s finances. First, we must have the mindset of financial success. Followed by having the proper mindset, is a positive attitude regarding not only our financial future but our current financial state. Regardless of the status of our financial situation. establishing and retaining the correct philosophy about money is critical. Even though I am incarcerated, I am slowly but surely learning how to follow the “M.A.P” for my current financial situation. Upon my release, I look forward to utilizing my created financial map in a new world.