Journal Entry: Melinda Bixler-09/24/2023-Music to My Ears

Journal Entry

Music to My Ears

A few weeks ago my friend let me borrow her tablet. We aren’t permitted to have any device that connects to the outside world such as computers, phones and laptops. We don’t have internet access or such tools. A specific tablet can be purchased from the commissary to be used to download music as well as access some local radio stations. I was pleasantly surprised to find my favorite worship music station. I closed my eyes and imagined that my 10-year-old son and I were riding in the car with the windows down singing together as we used to do. I miss those times so much and look forward to doing the same when I leave here.

Not long after that night, a woman in the cell next door was singing. It’s no exaggeration to say that she has one of the most beautiful voices that I’ve ever heard. She makes it seem effortless and every time I hear her a sense of peace, joy and tranquility overcome me. I can’t help but wonder what her earlier life would’ve been like if she had started on a better path. The good news is that when she is released in twenty months, she has a plan to pursue a music career. She wants to compete on the show Sunday’s Best. I’m going to be cheering he on from the comfort of home.

I wish her the best and the success she deserves. Like all of us, she’s human and has made a few bad decisions. It certainly doesn’t define her as a human being and shouldn’t prevent her from opportunities to be a successful contributor to society.

“Our role in life is to bring the light of our own souls to the dim places around us.” -Joan Chittister