Journal Entry: Melinda Bixler-09/11/2023-Doing Time

Journal Entry

Doing Time:

In here (prison) it feels overwhelming some days. The energy in this environment is unlike the world I previously knew. Here, kindness holds greater meaning and impact beyond the norm. A smile and the most basic manners mean so much. I’ve realized that saying please and thank you is less common than I’d previously believed. Our natural tendencies are a reflection of what we’ve been taught and experienced as “normal” throughout our lives. No matter where I am, being kind-hearted is the most basic principle I live by. I’ve found that to be true for many women here and its impact on my life and mindset is priceless.

It can feel so lonely here as we’ve been removed from the family and friendships that nurture our soul. The place overflows with decades of trauma. And, the unresolved feelings that resulted from it are the unavoidable truth of most women here. The power those feelings have varies. Some women choose to continue living the same life in here that led them here in the first place. Others embrace this opportunity to find healing, growth and improvement.

Some women are doing time, and others are seizing opportunity. They reflect and learn from past mistakes in order to create a better future. They focus on planning and preparation for their future versus allowing their past to direct it. Time passes either way so why not use it for the betterment of self, which ultimately leads to the betterment of society? Living each day with deliberate purpose is the best way to value the finite resource of TIME. Although I’d much prefer to be home with family, I choose to use this time wisely. It’s a transformation with endless possibilities and I don’t take it for granted.