Journal Entry: Melinda Bixler-08/28/2023-Bucket List

Journal Entry

Bucket List:

I never had a bucket list until this week. I guess I had a mental wish list, but nothing written down. I’m not sure why not. When faced with an impromptu thrill I usually enjoy it; however, I never gave much thought to actually planning for it. That’s changed!

A few weeks before I self-surrendered my kids and I went to the beach. (You can read that journal entry within my August posts.) When the waves took me down I had an epiphany, my days are truly numbered. I stopped worrying about what strangers thought of me and decided that what I think of myself should and would carry more weight going forward. In the midst of almost drowning, skydiving was suddenly an important adventure. I’m afraid of heights and never wanted to skydive. Why would I suddenly think of skydiving as I was nearly drowning.

As I was thrown around by the ocean like a ragdoll it was confirmed that I’m pretty powerless, universally speaking. Fear only limits my experiences. Fear creates a false sense of safety, most of the time. I’m not proposing we throw caution to the wind and play in traffic. I’m suggesting that we value life and live adventurously. Challenge the fears that have way too much power over us. Chase dreams. Travel, try new foods, and experience life with enjoyment versus trying to prove our worthiness.

Whether it’s traveling to Italy, taking a cruise or getting a tattoo, pursue it. Save for the vacation to Belize or Hawaii. Go on a wine tour. Meet new people. Invest in moments and memories. You are worthy.

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation.” – Plato