Journal Entry: Melinda Bixler-07/06/23

Journal Entry

July 6, 2023 – Bixler –
Preparing for Prison: Power of Attorney
In preparing for self-surrender in a few weeks, it’s imperative that I have the appropriate legal
documents in place for those who may need to act on my behalf while I’m incarcerated. My outdated
Power of Attorney documents list people who are no longer part of my life and I certainly don’t want
them making decisions or acting on my behalf. It’s important to ensure that my legal documents are
updated prior to entering prison.
My focus today is preparing the following legal documents: a Financial Power of Attorney, Medical
Power of Attorney and a Living Will. Based on the law, where I reside, I will complete all three to prevent
any confusion regarding who I want managing my financial affairs and medical wishes. I’ll have them
notarized today or tomorrow so it’s official.
Since managing financial affairs can require a much more consistent hands-on approach, I’m selecting
someone that is local and can access all my records and mail; someone that I not only trust and has the
experience and capacity to manage everything, if necessary. Unlike financial POA, medical Power of
Attorney Agent’s geographical distance isn’t a significant factor since medical decisions can be made
from anywhere.