Journal Entry: Melinda Bixler-05/11/2024-Final Days

Journal Entry

Final Days

In these final days of prison incarceration, so many emotions are close to the surface. Obviously, I’m so excited to hug my family and spend quality time together.

Today was my last day working in commissary, the job I’ve held for most of my time here. That job and the commissary officers I worked with were such a blessing to me. At work, I felt more human, like I mattered. Although I was still dressed in the same inmate uniform, they treated me as a whole person, rather than defining me by my reason for being here. For those living free, outside prison walls, it’s likely impossible to fully relate to what that feels like and the difference it makes. My commissary job was my saving grace. In addition to gratitude, I also feel sadness.

After returning from work a friend called home and received news that her mother-in-law passed away. She sat sobbing in the community room we share. Death is a deep sadness, a process of grief that can take years to navigate. For her, she will go through this process alone, separate from her loved ones and absent the closure that a final goodbye grants.

I can’t wait to continue writing and sharing as this process of transformation continues. With very limited computer access here, it’s been discouraging that I can’t publicly share more often. I’ll be happy to be sharing from my laptop soon.

Thanks for the continued love and support