Journal Entry: Matthew S Stephens-08/18/2023

Journal Entry

Today is Aug 18th, 2023 and I’m preparing for my release after spending 18 years of my life incarcerated on 5 separate prison trips. Like a homeowner who does lawn work on weekends, I’m planting my career seeds from prison as I prepare for a career in addiction treatment, detox, and or reentry. I’ve completed a number of rehabs over my addicted years including the Betty Ford Clinic (Rancho Mirage), Michaels House (Palm Springs), and CEDU school systems( Lake Big Bear). Not to mention a number of other treatment centers in various States including Georgia, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, Arizona, Tennessee, Florida, and Arkansas. So I’m sending my college certifications to these treatment centers alumni coordinators asking them to pull my file and consider hiring me. I know my entire life is about to change within the next few weeks and for the first time in my life I’m ready…..