Journal Entry: Matthew S Stephens-08/16/2023

Journal Entry

Today is August 16th and I’m now 14 days past my one-year release date. Which means my 13 years and 2 months served with no disciplinaries did not produce my one-year halfway house results. I’m learning how to apply the tools and life skills I learned in RDAP to a real-life scenario, as dealing with our FSA failure is indeed a real-life scenario. I’m relating my FSA failures to the scenario of the final days of Mike Tyson’s boxing career. At the end of Mike’s career he was losing fights to guy’s he ordinarily would’ve demolished in his prime. I remember him saying how he was still training harder than he ever has, and, he simply just didn’t have the firepower he once had. I feel like with the 13 years and 2 months I’ve served on my 15-year sentence, my associate’s degree earned with 4 additional vocational certifications, and, my RDAP completion I’m simply no match for a dysfunctional FSA. Like Mike Tyson, I too am training harder than I ever have, and, I simply don’t have the firepower, I mean seriously, what else can I do other than say we have a problem here………….