Journal Entry: Marty Brian Robbins-03/01/2024-Gratefulness for the little things

Journal Entry

Today the camp came off lockdown. I walked the track thanking God for all that I’m blessed with.
Before prison I was blind to everything God gives, I didn’t know how to be grateful for these things.
When I was transferred from Sandstone FCI to Rochester FMC I was placed in quarantine (covid -19 period). My cell had a large window that I would stand in front of admiring a large Maple tree growing outside. I had not realized that it had been a few years since being able to touch a tree, to lay my hands on, I longed for doing so.

Finally, after the quarantine period was over, I was able to go outside. I went straight for that tree and laid my hands upon the bark, looking up into the tree. I stood there for quite some time admiring that tree. Never before had I admired a tree as I did that day. Coming to prison and having so much taken away has made me so much more appreciative of the little things that God gives me to enjoy.