Journal Entry: Marty Brian Robbins-02/26/2024-ayudante de plomero

Journal Entry

6 am. I get up a bit earlier, today, than usual for I have an additional purpose starting today. ‘Estoy un ayudante de plomero’, and my first words spoken to another gentlemen who replies “Que se significo ?” New words for the day . I still do my normal routine, and of course, I push for a bit more then yesterday. What great way to start the day, improving from where I was yesterday, but not comparing myself against no one today. A short meditation in prayer thanking the Lord for all that I have in life and asking for strength and courage to keep pushing for more in doing His will. Jesus’ name Amen

10:30 am Back for lunch . What a great day. The Lord picked a prefect gentlemen for me to work along side of. A gentlemen of my age with years of plumbing business under his belt as I do with carpentry. He’s not on stupid stuff, or wise cracking all the time as a lot of men are in prison. He does not act as an adult child is what I view them as, but then it is wrong for me to judge.

”what we don’t understand we have no right to judge

I say thank you Lord, for I’m doing more then just continual learning, spiritually, educationally, and with personal growth within myself, but also in ,right, relationships with other men. Not with addictions being the basis for a relation, so many new things to experience in life.
All, for the end in mind.