Journal Entry: Marty Brian Robbins-02/21/2024-Effort

Journal Entry

I sit this evening reflecting back over my day. I look at all that I learn by putting forth effort. I’m able to bounce sentences off my new neighbor in Spanish, pronouncing words and getting corrections as I go. I go to work earlier today to talk with the plumber, as I had planned yesterday, for taking action in my studies. The plomero (plumber) needs a helper for a big project. I see an opportunity, and I seize it. Not only will I learn more of plumbing, I will work directly with a Spanish speaking gentleman. (study without action is futile) My routine will change a bit, but it is for a greater purpose. All of it fits into the end in mind.

This evening I spent time learning more of God. I increased my knowledge of the word, and my faith grew more in the Lord. I trust in the Lord to know that my wife’s and mine two boys are looking down on their family.

‘each day I have time to learn, and the opportunities to learn from,
but I have to take the time to see the opportunities
of all that there is to learn from each day’

—me ,inspired by God—

A quote by Thomas Dewar;
‘Minds are like parachutes- they only work when they are open’