Journal Entry: Marty Brian Robbins-02/18/2024-Good job :)

Journal Entry

I pat myself on the back, it’s what we are supposed to do to ourselves. Show love and appreciation for who we are, by loving ourselves then we can show love to others. I pat myself for the one more rep of exercise this morning. (don’t think that I’m into the 1000’s because I’m not. Routines change always, but when they do I start from where I feel comfortable and push from there) I’ve learned, just a bit, more Spanish to speak with my neighbor. ( my poor neighbor, but he is trying to learn a bit more English, so it works.) The man that I tried catching yesterday, who I thought was an electrician is actually the plumber, was not available. I was trying to (fictitiously) hire him to do work on a property for me while speaking Spanish for practice (study without action is futile) (the bigger plan) Just a little bit more than yesterday. Great job me! I remember another pain I caused my family, so I put it on my, step four, list. As I remember the wrongs I’ve done in my life, I’m not beating myself up with them as I used to, or covering them back up by using, I’m preparing them for release.

‘forgetting is not a memory lapse.
but a memory release’

I’m preparing them for something far greater than the pain they have always been.

” for every struggle in life, God accomplished something in our character and in our spirit’

I will use my life as a tool to help others.

‘our history has made us who we are. The images, scars, and the victories that we live with
have shaped us into the people we have become. We will never know who a person is until
we understand where they have come from

I’m unique, I can do good with the memories of the pain I’ve caused and endured these 40 years of addiction. I will not let my life be a waste, but I will use my mistakes for God’s will.

‘ mistakes are lesson of wisdom’

some men take prison, and their lives as defeat.

‘ what is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first steps to something better’

I’m ready to live a life I have never lived and the life starts everyday when I wake up. Not when I walk from prison, but today.

‘write it on your heart that today is the best day of the year’

Good job me. 🙂 Thank you Father God

Tonight, I’ve been selected to ‘chair’ the AA meeting, the first of many to come. The topic God has given me for the meeting is ‘Faith’