Journal Entry: Marty Brian Robbins-02/15/2024-A break

Journal Entry

My AA/NA sponsor has given me a two-week break before starting step five of the 12 steps to sobriety in the Life Recovery Program. The break is because of the lockdown and no privacy to meet. 50 men in one room there is never no privacy of any kind. In the meantime, he tells me to make a prayer asking God to help remind me of anything else I’ve missed in writing down. I ask him if I need to write down every wrong I ever did or hurt I’ve caused someone from my addictions. He replied ‘As much as you can remember’. I said ‘ I better buy another notebook” 🙁 So I keep adding to the list of 40 years of addictions I lived. This will not be as full-time as it has been these last couple of months. Now that I look back in my journal I see I started nine weeks ago at step one. How time goes by when productive.

“Nothing is a waste of time if you use the time wisely”

While on a short break from the Life Recovery program I will add a study and increase in another to fill my time. I have a Ace class that caught my eye that I can throw in to fill the gap “Critical Business Skills for Success”. This class will give me access to the library while on lockdown. I’ve also decided I need to push harder in my Spanish studies.

“Studies without action is futile”

I’ve written some note cards to give some kind of guidance in having conversations with Spanish speakers. I have a particular gentleman in my radar to approach. He is the electrician, and my plan is to approach him for doing electrical work on a fictitious property. The other Idea I have is to put in a request to the education dept. for Spanish as a second language since they do offer English as a second language. I ‘ll see where this goes.

I also have the Santos’ books yet to start into, they will come in time. Another study I work is the Act Work keys program. This is a self paced program that I would say is offered at any institution. ‘I’ve only come aware of it by seeing a small posting for it on the educational bulletin board. This program is more of a program then a lot of the other programs offered, but a person has to dig to find it. This is another study that no one requires me to do, but it’s study , learning, and making use of this time that is important to me. Everything I do is part of the bigger plan of His.

‘ Great minds have purpose, others have wishes’

–Washington Irving–