Journal Entry: Mark A Sneed-01/11/2024

Journal Entry

Thank you for your insight & inspiration! I’m currently coming to terms with the fact that I have no work experience at all!! I’ve never held a job! I’m 43 years old & have never worked, how crazy is that?? Now I’m taking this course & the criteria is to self-evaluate & focus my energy on learning a trade & economic independence, yet this system has changed dramatically since you (Micheal) have been released!! I’ve been applying myself to program after program & wrapping my mind concerning changing my stinking thinking & becoming a better human being & a more productive human being for society! Yet I’m in a place at the moment where I’m stagnant & trying to figure where I belong & where do I begin!! Can you understand where I’m coming from?? I’m signed up for every program & I’m trying to be a sponge for information & searching for answers to help become a better me! But the question is who am I?? Where do I belong? I’m not facing a life sentence honestly I’m close to walking out the door and I need a great support system when I step out, to help ensure that this is the last trip down this road!! I have 25 years of state prison terms under my belt & now I’m currently serving this 130-month sentence within the BOP & this cycle has to stop here!!!