Journal Entry: Lelana Long-08/05/2023

Journal Entry

The following is a documentation of the programs I have voluntarily participated into completion, some have start-to-stop dates(the stop day is when I completed) and some just have the date I was entered as complete(comp).
FYI— EBRR stands for Evidence-Based Recidivism Reduction Programming. ACE stands for Adult Continuing Education classes. PA stands for Productive Activity programming.

——–I arrived at my designated facility of SFF Hazelton on Oct 25, 2019.
I started programming as quickly as possible.—————————————–

START STOP(complete)
ACE: Julius Caesar’s Rome 11-25-19 to 1-20-20
PA: A Healthier me in the BOP comp 1-03-20
Weight Management (recreation) 1-08-20 to 3-28-20
Basic Nutrition (recreation) 1-06-20 to 3-16-20
Women’s Rest-Based Fitness (recreation) 1-06-20 to 3-18-20
Intro to Meditation (recreation) comp 3-30-20
The following are all ACE classes I completed between April 2020-Oct 2020___________
ACE: Early American History
ACE: Social Studies
ACE: Create Your Future
ACE: Information Technology Pt 1
ACE: Info Tech. PT. 2
ACE: Info. Tech. Pt 3
ACE: How to Lead
ACE: Fractions
ACE: Enhance Vocabulary
ACE: Earth Science
ACE: Info Tech. Pt. 4
ACE: Info. Tech. Pt.5
ACE: American Literature
ACE: Stop Procrastinating
ACE: Money Skills
ACE: American Indian War
ACE: Sports Stars
ACE: Language Arts
ACE: World War I
ACE: World War II
ACE: Poverty in America
ACE: Fractions
ACE: Coordinate Plane
EBRR: Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) 10-01-20 to 9-09-21(completed with 532 hrs..)
EBRR: Female Integrated Treatment(FIT) 10-01-20 to 9-09-21(completed with 604 hrs..)
ACE: Conflict Resolution 1-22-21 to 1-28-21
ACE: The Human Eye 1-22-21 to 1-28-21
EBRR: Intro to Horticulture 6-21-21 to 1-06-22
EBRR: Vocational Training Horticulture 6-21-21 to 1-06-22
EBRR: Anger Management comp 10-01-20
PA: PEER comp 7-01-21
EBRR: Seeking Safety comp 7-26-21
EBRR: Emotional Self Regulation comp 8-24-21
EBRR: Foundations Program comp 9-21-21
Vocational Skills (psychology) comp 9-24-21
EBRR: National Parenting Program pt.. 1 comp 6-01-21
EBRR: National Parenting Program Pt.2: Mothers of Adolescence comp 9-30-21
PA: Women’s Relationships II comp 10-20-21
Reentry First 72 Hrs.. (unit team led) comp 11-19-21
PA: Understanding Your Feelings: Shame and Resilience comp 12-20-21
PA: Aging Well comp 1-06-22
ACE: Religions of the World comp 1-13-22
PA: Women in the 21st Century Workplace comp 2-14-22

——–I transferred to the designated facility FPC-Alderson, arriving on March 4, 2022.
I started programming as quickly as possible.——————————

PA: Change Plan comp 5-7-22
ACE: Resume Writing comp 5-17-22
CDL Mock Job Fair (reentry) comp 5-25-22
EBRR: RDAP- 12-month Follow Up 9-09-21 to 9-20-22
RPP Types of Release (unit team led) comp 3-24-22
Job Fair Informational (education) comp 9-15-22
Job Fair Interview (education) 8-30-22 to 9-20-22
EBRR: Assert Yourself comp 11-15-22
ACE: Job Etiquette 11-1-22 to 11-17-22
Beading (recreation) 11-07-22 to 12-12-22
Beginners Ceramics (recreation) 10-29-22 to 12-12-22
EBRR: NCCER Core Construction 5-09-22 to 8-04-22
Re-Entry: Release Orientation Program (ROP)
ROP pt.. 1 (unit team led) comp 4-25-23
ROP pt.. 2 (unit team led) comp 4-26-23
ROP pt.. 3 (unit team led) comp 4-27-23
EBRR: HVAC Vocational Training 5-09-22 to current
EBRR: HVAC Electric 10-01-22 to 7-2-23
PA: Partners in Parenting comp 5-29-23
EBRR: Women’s Basic Financial Literacy comp 4-14-23
EBRR: HVAC current
EBRR: RDAP current (until I complete the TDAP portion via halfway house)