Journal Entry: La’ Ron Antione Matlock – 07/10/2023

Journal Entry

I woke up this morning went to the Rec-Center and worked out for an hour. A guy who was there also who’s taking the Success after prison class here at USP Marion walked up to me and said : Hey I think you’ll be good for this class the way you think. I look at the book (Prepare for Success after Prison) and I told him I was already apart of that program and that we could talk once I got off the machine I was using. And we talk later and I scan the booklet and I told him that I would try to get in the class but my date is so far away that I’ll probably have to wait until I get closer to my release date. But as we were talking another guy walked up and was interested in joining the class so we told him the steps to take and we were going to walk it with him. I was never the person who willing to go out of my way unless it was something benefiting me alone but now I feel obligated to help as many people as possible to get on the right track with their lives. I want to to share an idea with you guys that I really need to get some patent work done from here because I have come up with a Wild Fire Prevention Plan to help save the Earth from unnecessary fires doing the Summer Season. I have done research on the topic and I have figured out a way we can keep them from happening plus we can profit from the idea. I know I can’t speak on it much because of patent issues. But if we can find someone who would be willing to help with that problem I’ll be more than thankful and we can share the idea 70/30.