Journal Entry: Kevin Galetto-11/05/2023

Journal Entry

This morning I woke up and read more chapters of Hebrews and got some inspiration about
God’s promises. I got ready to receive the word and also continued to work on my book report. I’ve
completed the book report finally, proof read it and will submit it tomorrow.

Ihla and I went to church around 10:10 because I was serving as a Greeter. There was supposed
to be a meeting before hand to discuss a plan and pray for the church and people within the
congregation. I went into the room and it took about 5 minutes for a quick prayer and responsibilities
that were given. When I was manning the door, a lady and what appeared to be her son, pulled up in
front of the church. I went over to the car and asked if they needed help. The son, who was sitting in the
passenger side of the car, was looking like he was a bit slow, but also appeared to be in some significant
pain. As it turns out, he had fallen on his bike yesterday and injured his ribs. He was in severe pain and
they were headed to the hospital. I asked Kevin, our prayer pastor who happened to walk out of the
building just then, to come over and pray for this person. We both laid hands on him and Kevin prayed
for him. They took off in the car, presumably to go to the hospital and then Kevin and I went into the
service together.

Aneli was preaching today and asked for an alter call for those who want to come to the lord. As
I was worshiping, to my surprise I see this guy that we just prayed for out in the parking lot walking very
gingerly down the isle with an usher helping him to the stage. After accepting Christ into his life, the
senior staff takes them back into a room and gives them a bible and additional instructions on what to
do and expect next. I told Kevin that the guy was coming behind him and he was shocked and excited to
hear that news.

JR came in just before the end of the service and asked me to come to the back for prayer. I
headed back there and Kevin was in the room. I asked about the guy and he stated that rather than go
to the hospital, he asked his mom to go to service instead, and ended up getting saved! What a fantastic
feeling that we brought someone to the lord through our service.

JR asked Kevin to pray for me and my situation. It was a beautiful, heartfelt prayer and JR
hugged me with tears in his eyes, which caused tears in my eyes. He’s been such a good friend and he
and his wife Alice have been very kind to us over the past couple of years. After getting out of the prayer
room, Alice was standing there talking to Ihla. She said some very emotional things about me and my
attitude towards the upcoming prison term, and blessed both Ihla and me. I looked over and Ihla was in
complete breakdown mode. I too was crying and so was JR and Alice. It was a very touching moment.
We left there and headed home. I sat down to complete the book report and it took me till
about 4:00 PM to complete the report. Ihla wanted to take Buggsie for a walk so we headed out to the
park. Afterwords, we decided to go out for dinner and I decided to go Japanese sushi mode. I had a huge
plate of sushi and sashimi and was very fat happy.

This will be my last daily journal until I’m in prison. I won’t have access to a computer, and we
are headed up to Jesup today. We plan on staying overnight at some hotel and then I will turn myself in
on Tuesday 11/7/2032 at around 9:00 AM for a full day of orientation. I will try and jot down some
notes, but not sure if I’ll have access to pen and paper. For all of you who’ve prayed for me and followed
me through this journey, I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and love. It’s
not over yet and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Continue to pray for me and I will continue to
pray for each of you. Keep the faith, always be joyful, never stop praying, be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus. (Thessalonians 5:16-18). May the
grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all.