Journal Entry: Kevin Galetto-11/03/2023

Journal Entry

I woke up about three times last night to go to the bathroom. I didn’t have any Terazosin so my
prostate was acting up. The Melatonin I took last night made me drowsy so I slept in a little this AM. Ihla
got up and Buggsie decided it was time to lick my face and wake me up also.

I got into the kitchen today and immediately started on my book report. I should have been
reading the gospel, but got sidetracked. I thanked God for watching over me and my family as usual, and
proceeded to write my novel of a book report. I’ve got 3 pages done and probably need to finish this
report soon. I wanted to try and finish it tonight, but needed to get today’s activities on paper.
Friday’s are pantry day’s and last night Dennis wanted to know if we could go for a motorcycle
ride today. I told him that I had to work at the pantry and he texted me back saying how dedicated I was
to the cause. I told him it’s not about me. Anyway, I left the house about 11:30 and headed to the
pantry. The ladies were there and all gave me a hug. JR was on the back patio talking on the phone to
someone, so I didn’t disturb him until he had finished his conversation.

The line of cars extended out to the highway today. We fed over 200 families today and God
provided food for each and everyone of them. We had some doubts, but somehow we made it work. It’s
like the miracle of the feeding of the 5000 when Jesus only had 5 loaves of bread and two small fish to
feed them. Each week it seems that there are more and more cars of hungry families looking for a
handout. What a blessing it is to be a blessing in this ministry.

After the sad goodbyes, I took some food and got into my car for the last time. The weight of
this sentence finally hit me and I felt a bit heavy hearted. I told myself I wouldn’t get emotional as I had
other things to do today. I had to give up my license plates to the DMV because, in order to reduce
expenses, I reduced our insurance on three vehicles to just comprehensive. Apparently after doing this,
the state of Florida wants you to give up your license plates or you face fines and license suspension. I
turned in two of the three as the motorcycle plate is still on the bike. I wanted to ride it one more time
to get rid of the gas that’s in the tank, but also wanted that last bit of freedom on the open road. I
texted Dennis and asked if he wanted to go for a ride tomorrow. He’s agreed and will come by in the
morning to discuss our upcoming trip to lovely Jessup GA.

Ihla and I walked the dog again tonight to get the mail. Just before we left, I had to call
Walgreens to ask them where my medication was since they texted me days ago telling me that the
prescription was delayed. Ihla was finally able to get a hold of someone in the pharmacy to ask them
what the status was on the medication. The lady told us that there was some concern as to the quantity
of pills because there was supposed to be 90 days’ worth of pills, however the prescription changed to 2
tablets per night instead of one, so the quantity would not last 90 days. Well, she agreed to fill the
prescription because we told her that I’ll be out of town on Monday, so she said that she could fill the
prescription and would call us when she was finished in about ½ hr. After walking the dog, we came in
and Ihla’s phone rang immediately. It was the lady from Walgreens and she stated that she only had one
pill, but there was another Walgreens off of Mariner where I do a pickup for the pantry, but they close in
30 minutes. I knew it was only about 15 minutes to get there, so we left immediately to get the pills. Allll
worked out and I was able to get my prescription filled tonight.

Mom called and we talked for a bit. Ihla and I sent her pictures of us to her phone so she could
show her friends what I look like I guess. It’s getting late again and I still need to finish my book report. My back is a bit stiff from lifting 200 boxes and loading carts full of meat. I think I’ll watch TV again to relax before bed. I’m hoping I’ll sleep better tonight with the new prescription of Terazosin.