Journal Entry: Kevin Galetto-11/01/2023

Journal Entry

Woke up early again today, about 5:00 AM. Started reading the bible after feeding the dog. I
read for a while before I got sleepy and decided to take a nap at around 7:00 AM. Ihla woke me up at
8:30 as she went into the office to work. I got moving again and started working on things to get ready
for surrender.

Teresa called me this AM and I spoke to her for some time. She wanted an update as to what
I’ve been working on and I gave her my website to look at some of the work I had done. She asked me to
give her an elevator speech about my Release Plan that prison professors created for me. I realized that I
didn’t really know what was in the Release Plan and was a bit embarrassed that I couldn’t give her an
accurate description of what it was about. I immediately decided that I needed to generate an elevator
speech as I would have to do the same thing for my case manager when I had an interview with him
within the next few days.

After speaking to Teresa and doing some homework, I started trying to complete my reading of
the Viktor Frankl book, Man’s Search For Meaning. I ended up falling asleep outside in the recliner.
Buggsie of course joined me. I came back into the house and went to bed for a bit, and then woke up
around 5ish. I guess I was tired… The weather was cold and overcast which made it all that much easier
to lounge around the house.

Ihla suggested that we give some lettuce to Judy our neighbor since the garden is doing so well. I
cut some lettuce and gave her some over the back yard fence. I also gave her some doggie biscuits for
Tug that I got from the pantry a while back.

I gave Teresa my webpage address and she stated that she would read some of the documents
contained in the webpage. She apparently was reading some of my journals and saw that our Insurance
company was dropping us. Steve called his home owner’s insurance agent and hooked me up with his
contact info. I called him and asked him for a quote. He’s going to give us a quote on all our vehicles
along with the house insurance. While I searched the computer for our insurance information, I ended
up finding a link to our policy from State Farm. Coincidentally, our policy premium was paid today. I
texted our insurance guy and he returned my text stating that our home owner’s policy doesn’t expire
till November 2024. So I guess we’re paid up till next year.

I finally finished reading the Viktor Frankl book and am now ready to start my book report. Every
time I settle down to start the report something else pop’s up and I get sidetracked.
I got a message from Michael Santos concerning my 2pt reduction process and paperwork. I had
almost forgotten about it and started frantically working on all the necessary paperwork to mail to the
court and the US Attorney’s office. I must have printed a reem of paper because every time I thought
the document was correct, I’d find another mistake. I thought I finally got everything right and made the
mistake of sealing the envelopes. Michael sent me some additional information and was holding a
webinar on the subject. He sent me an invite to help me with the necessary paperwork submission
process, and of course I had to do the whole thing over again. I have an uneasy feeling that the judge
will not reduce my sentence for some reason, but it’s worth a try. At this point, I’ve got nothing to lose. I
also was going to mail these items out tomorrow, but it appears that I shouldn’t mail them until
February 2024. I’m counting on Ihla to mail these documents.

We ended up walking Buggsie tonight, he was wining about me taking so long to get ready. We
met a good friend neighbor that we see almost nightly. I told him about my sentence and that I’ll be
leaving on Monday 11/6/23 to Jessup FCI. He was shocked and told us how much of a supporter he was
for Trump, and still is a supporter. Mom called about this time, so we had a short conversation and I
called mom back. She just wanted to say hi and talk about her day. Apparently she went out to lunch
with a friend of hers who apparently drove to the lobster restaurant. She had the best lobster! However
the lady friend has some memory issues and couldn’t navigate back home (2 blocks). But apparently
they made it back OK with mom’s expert directional skills.

Got a few more messages from Michael about trying to finish those documents, so I worked on
them for some time tonight.

JR texted me at 9:30 wanting me to go to lunch tomorrow. I told him that it’s my golf day and
my friends from golf want to take me to lunch afterwords. He tried to ask if we (Ihla and I) wanted to go
to dinner over at Carlos’s house (bbq), but of course Ihla didn’t want to go. He then suggested that just
the three of us go to longhorns steakhouse for dinner, so I took him up on that offer. Don’t know how
hungry I’ll be after a late lunch, but I’ll suffer through it I guess…