Journal Entry: Kevin Galetto-10/31/2023

Journal Entry

Woke up early again today, trying to get an early start and condition myself to waking up at the
wee hours of the morning. I wrote yesterday’s journal this morning, and am getting ready to face the
day. I have a meeting with Michael and Carol Santos at 11:00 this morning concerning my 2 pt. reduction
process. I need to also ask them about how to send documents to my webpage at

I reviewed the checklist that I made during my discussions with my consultants over at Prison
Professors. I discovered that I may not have a couple of items and texted Joseph G. to ask some
questions. He responded right away and I believe I have everything in order. I plan on getting the
documents necessary for surrender ready today. I read some information on the BOP website this
evening so I can familiarize myself with SPARC-13 requirements and the surrender process.
I also need to surrender my license plates for the three vehicles. I’ll take the license plates off
and drive them over to DMV. I’ll probably do that Friday afternoon.

I rode my motorcycle to the dentist today as I had another Dentist Appointment to get the two
back top molars capped. After several attempts to complete this expensive operation, they finally
installed the caps. This was very painful as they continued to hit a nerve on one of the teeth. They did
everything possible to hit that nerve causing excruciating pain to shoot through my head. I knew I
needed a root canal…

I rode around on my motorcycle on the way home just to use some gas. I don’t want to leave
any gas in the tank for fear that it will ruin the motor. I went home with still 150 miles to burn that gas.
Today is Halloween and I had to go to Walmart for candy and Bok Choy as Ihla is making some
Philippine food tonight.

Michael Santos has a webinar tonight that I attended. He asked me to join after our
conversation this afternoon. He wanted me to bring up some questions to the group about the 2pt
reduction. During the webinar, the dog was barking at all the tricker treaters ringing the bell and I could
hear people in the background squealing about Buggsie’s Halloween costume. Ihla dressed him in a
vampire’s outfit.

Mom called and wanted to hear my voice. I told her about Buggsie’s costume and she wanted
pictures. I sent them to her and she stated that Teresa sent her pictures of Lilly in her Halloween outfit.
Teresa apparently spoke to Mom and sent me those pictures. What a lovely baby. She’s so cute and
always smiling. This was her first Halloween.

Not much more happened today. Cooked a Steak tonight and ate some of Ihla’s food. She’s
becoming a really good cook. Maybe I can become a better cook after this adventure.