Journal Entry: Kevin Galetto-10/26/2023

Journal Entry

Woke up early this AM. Dog was barfing on the carpet in the bathroom due to the wife giving
him too many carrots the night before. He didn’t chew them, but swallowed them causing a clog I guess.
Let him out through our door in the bathroom and cleaned up the mess.

Got up around 6:30 AM and read the bible. Read Philippians then started on Colossians. Headed
out to play golf at Brooksville Country Club. Had to drop off Ihla’s computer at the USPS, however when
I got there, the clerk stated that it’s a UPS sticker and I found out that the office is nearer to home, so I
went strait out to the course. Pat and Pete were already there and had a cart. I got my shoes on and
headed to the pro shop to pick up my cart and pay for greens fees. On my way to the pro shop, I saw
Don who was pulling into the parking lot. I got the cart and Don was paid up and heading to his car to
get his clubs. I picked him up and we went over to the chipping range for a little chipping practice before
heading to the putting green. There was a two-some ahead of us (lady and a guy) and the guy was giving
the lady a lesson in the fairway. We yelled at them a couple of times and they proceeded ahead finally.
We never saw them again during the round, so they must have gotten the hint.

I scored well shooting an 85. I had a birdy on the front nine and had 8 pars on the round. I had
some major blowout holes which blew up the score, but pared the first two holes which is very difficult
to do on this course.

After the round, Don asked if we wanted to go to the new clubhouse for a couple of beers. We
all headed up to the new clubhouse and it was brand new. Problem was that they didn’t have draft beer,
so we got cans and frosted mugs.

I headed to the UPS store to drop off Ihla’s computer for work, then headed across the street to
Walmart to get some beer and coffee mate. I headed home, and I got a call from Gina (J6er from CA). I
had sent her a daily devotional message (Before you make your next decision, Call on God). It’s a great
message and very powerful. The last time I spoke to Gina, she was crying about her friend’s 5year
sentence she received for her participation in the J6 protest. She apparently has 8 kids and a 5 year old.
Additionally, Gina is going through a bench trial. My feelings are that she will not get a favorable
outcome. She called me today while I was playing golf, and I postponed talking to her until I started
driving home. She seemed to be in a better mood and thanked me for sending the devotional. She’s
becoming a good friend, even though she’s in CA.

I took a nap and was a bit grumpy when I was awaken by Buggsie and his pig toy. I walked out
to the garden and did some spraying of pesticides to try and reduce the beetles on the fruit trees. Ihla
picked some lettuce for dinner and we had a salad tonight.

Kathy called tonight, first me, then Ihla, then Mom. Mom called after talking to Kathy and told
us not to answer the phone. The last time I didn’t answer her calls, she showed up at my door. I’m afraid
that may happen again. She just called Ihla again a few minutes ago after leaving a message asking
about me. We’re afraid that Bill will post our conversation and information on Facebook, so we don’t
want to get involved in her drama again.

Well, tomorrow morning I am volunteering at the pantry again. Don’t know if I’ll drive or just
assist with loading the truck. I’ll need to pick up some eggs and other misc. stuff for Ihla. I worked with
Ihla on some billing information tonight and got a little frustrated trying to explain stuff to her, but all’s
well now. We took Buggsie for a walk this evening. It’s a beautiful night, full moon, and the weather is fantastic. Ihla retired to the bedroom to watch her TV shows. I too will retire to the living room to watch
the boob tube and get ready for bed. Early morning tomorrow and I want to wake up around 6 again so I
can study the bible and get used to waking up early so I will be well adjusted for prison life. I’ve tried
several times to write a book report, so maybe before I go to bed, I’ll finish the book report so I can
submit it to prison professors talent tonight along with this journal.