Journal Entry: Kelvin Lee-08/25/2023

Journal Entry

Journal for today.

Good morning, just now getting up feeling better than yesterday everyday A struggle in this place but I Know I gotta remain stronger. But one thing I’m learning in this place is not to expect everyone to treat you how you treat them I go through a lot of different emotions cause I was a caring person when I was free, and I love to help others but I gotta learn how to put myself first sometimes and stop worrying about a lot things that’s outta my control. I done got better but I’m still human and some things still bother me the way people treat me and why I’m at my weakness but I went put everything and good hands cause at the end of the day I know he trying to show me something and I know he ain’t gone put too much on me I can’t handle it really feels good to express myself instead of holding it in and I’m learning this from my therapist that’s why I’m glad I write everything down I’m feeling.