Journal Entry: Kelvin Lee-08/20/2023

Journal Entry

Journal for today

Good morning I woke up and the best of spirits and I woke up to the best email from my wife and yesterday she fed 100 homeless people in downtown Dallas and I’m so proud of her cause she has been working on this non-profit organization for some years.
I’m just sad cause I couldn’t be there but she wanna of my biggest support and I love her so much and I love this new role we on far as changing and continue to give back.

I also wanna speak on Responding Versus Reacting I’m learning a lot from this book called the art of Persuasion.

One idea we should touch upon now is the difference we spoke of earlier between responding and reacting. I first learned about this from Zig Ziglar, the internationally acclaimed author and speaker. This wisdom of Zig’s really hit home for me. It alone has probably kept me out of more trouble than I care to remember. So according to Zig to respond is positive; to react is negative.