Journal Entry: Kelvin Lee-08/18/2023

Journal Entry

Journal for this morning’s thoughts on the role we play in a relationship

Good morning I’m just now getting up and about to get my day going. I was up all night working on my release plan trying get myself prepared for success. Also been reading this book called THE ART OF PERSUASION it’s A very good book I have been learning a lot from this book it talks about different things in the book and what caught my attention more is the roles we play in relationships.

Ideally, you want every transaction with another person to be on the level of adult to adult. Easy No is possible absolutely with awareness, practice, and work. It’s very important to keep in mind the human factors: you can’t expect others to act as you do just because you know what you’re doing and are in the state of mind to do it. Don’t feel put down if the other person doesn’t respond correctly “Through the material we cover in this book, you’ll learn how to get them there. It takes time and effort,
but you can do it. Please don’t get frustrated. Okay, you can be frustrated-but keep at it anyway! the rich results are worth it.