Journal Entry: Kelvin Lee-08/02/2023

Journal Entry

Good morning. I have been up since 5 am just doing a lot of thinking really trying to get my mind to focus more on positive things and I also woke up in good move cause I gotta chance to talk to my wife and kids yesterday. Well, I start my morning off with A lil bite of reading I love to read and the book call God will carry you through. Well, I’m getting a lot out of the book and it said don’t forget your destiny ..if you and I were having this talk over coffee, this is the point where I would lean across the table and say what do you still have that you cannot lose…The difficulties have taken much away. I GET that .but there is one gift your troubles cannot touch. Your destiny. I might not be free but I’m about to use this time to become A better father A better husband and focus on chasing my dreams that’s my thoughts for today.But I know aint nothing gone work unless I put god first so I gotta start off by changing the way I think change the way I eat change the way I talk.