Journal Entry: Kelly Wayne Smith-05/17/2024-Date Change & Goal Update

Journal Entry

So again a week before my court date, I have another date change this time only for 33 days. Another month delay which now I’m at 48 months in so far. I’ll have a late fall, early winter arrival to my assigned prison. This will keep me working on my goals, doing what I can here at Federal Detention Center – Philadelphia.

On April 10, 2024, I posted my short and long-term goals. Here’s an update to my goals to keep me accountable to show movement of my goals. I’ll just use short titles of my goals, I you would like to know more details of my goals see my posting from April 10th.

Goal #1 – Contact 100 Organizations for Material;

34 Books/Magazines/Newsletters Requested 9 Sent Material 5 Bad Addresses
15 Bible Study Courses Requested 8 Lessons Provided 1 Bad Address

Listing of Materials Received:

College Inside Magazine
Starting a Business – Quickstart Guide By Ken Colwell
A Women’s Guide to Investing By Virginia B. Morris and Kenneth M. Morris (Donated to Re-Entry)
The Conspiracy: The Chicago 8 By Hoffman, Seale, Davis, Dellinger, Froines, Hayden, Rubin, and Weiner
The Lexus and the Olive Tree By Thomas L. Friedman
American Precariat – Parables of Exclusion
American Bible Academy “Study of the Gospel of John” (Completed and Returned)
Middletown Bible Church 1st Lesson (Completed and Returned)
Booklet: The Constitution of the United States
Chokehold By Paul Butler
The Sentences that Create Us Caits Meissner et al
Level Education Course (Completed and Returned)
Mt Hope Prison Ministry 1st Lesson (Completed and Returned)
Gospel Express Ministry 3 Lessons (Completed and Returned)
Mt Zion Bible Institute 1st Lesson
The Fortune Society – Newsletter
Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia 1st Lesson (Completed and Returned)
Middletown Bible Church 2nd Lesson (Completed and Returned)

Goal #2 – Have a Tribe of 100 to support and Mentor;

I am at 6 I have Assisted

Goal # 5 – Create 100 Lesson Plans of 100 Hours of Re-Entry Material;

I am at 10-15 Lessons with 20-25 Hours of Study Material

Goal 3 – Focus on Career Path
Goal 4 – Support the Community in Grass Roots Prison Reform

These two goals are in a holding stage till I can focus more at my assigned prison.