Journal Entry: Kelly Wayne Smith-03/19/2024-Date Change

Journal Entry

For those of you whom might of spent time in one of the BOP’s Detention Centers will truly understand. Some might of spent time while in transit, maybe a few days, weeks, or even a month. Knows how a wonderful place they can be. Nothing like spending time in a high rise building. Now when you have done almost 4 years, one can truly believe going to your assigned prison is a blessing. Now when the court system, by chance calling to verify one upcoming sentencing hearing to find out 5 days before court that the date and time has changed from the end of March 2024 to the end of May 2024. Granted one would say it’ only 60 days, and yes it’s only 60 days and the time courts. It just prolongs the journey. I still have to have a violation hearing, normally in the Eastern District of PA is 3 month after sentencing once that is completed if that date doesn’t change. I’ll do the long waiting game while Grand Prairie, TX does it’s slow dance of Computation, Security Level and then Assignment. I’ll find out my prison location future, and then the good old transportation dealings. It doesn’t matter if by bus or plane, there’s bound to be some kind of issue that holds up movement of adults in custody.

So how best to use my newly gained 60 more days at the FDC? By staying focused day by day, keep working on my release plan. Adjust my long and short term goals from a fall arrival to to a early winter arrival to my assigned prison. We’ll be in a new fiscal year, so you never know what might be going on with the BOP system. I’ll keep working with Re-Entry for material they have. Complete more of my medical testing and building more documentation on my health care issues.

Is it a set back? Yes, any date change creates hard ache , but it can be overcome. You, control you actions, and by keeping those actions in a positive mindset, will provide you with positive outcomes. I have seen plenty of people be it staff or other adults in custody come and go. My day to get on that bus will be here and I’ll be at that new location to start another chapter of my BOP prison life.