Journal Entry: Kelly Wayne Smith-03/06/2024-Working with Staff

Journal Entry

Working with the Re-Entry Coordinator

Knowing the Re-Entry Coordinator, after sending in a Request to Staff, and finding out that here at Federal Detention Center-Philadelphia they don’t have books provided by Prison Professors. He’s not the type to skirt around the issue (I was thinking of using another term but remembering Michael’s videos and not using profanity). He did provide me one book at the moment and stated he’ll see what he can do moving forward. The biggest hurdle here at FDC is Re-Entry is for the Cadre, the 75-100 woman assigned here. And the recourses on hand are very limited, and at the moment support for Re-Entry is not in the top of the list for the powers to be. His hands are tied with limited funding.

So the book he gave me (if you call 32 pages a book) was “99 Days & A Get Up” A Pre-and Post-Release Survival Manual for Inmates and Their Loved Ones, by Ned Rollo. 1st Copyright 1987, 2nd Copyright 1988. It’s part of an information series from a Texas non-profit corporation called OPEN, Inc. (Offender Preparation & Education Network).

You have to keep in mind the BOP does have some staff members wiling to help, with that said that staff member even being the Re-entry Coordinator can be on the block any given day as our Housing Officer, or could be part of a shake down team. They are CO’s and they have a job to do. If you give them a reason or a cause for a shake down. Don’t blame the staff, you might need to take a look at oneself. yes, there times when a shake down or a lock down happens which is out of your control. Just go with the flow and maintain a proper attitude and you will make it though the day and the uncomfortable situation that takes place. So ask for the that support, don’t be part of the group that thinks all of the staff is there to hinder your release and future freedom.