Journal Entry: Kelly Wayne Smith-02/26/2024-Free Books

Journal Entry

This is my 1st journal entry, so I’m not sure if it’s in the proper format. Let me know if it does work.

When I was on the Edovo App. I came across one of the reading materials on it. It was called the “Books to Prisoners’ Program”. The material came from Bob Pelsham’s “Illegal to Legal Program” it had a list broken down by states the companies would send to. The list came from the following website: There was no date on the list so not sure if it’s still working The library here at FDC is very limited on non-fiction material.

I wrote down the addresses that covered my location here at FDC-Phila. Then I created a short-term goal for myself. Once I returned to Phila and got my stamps, paper, and envelopes. I would write each one and a few magazines I came across “News Inside” and College Inside”. Below is the letter I sent to the book addresses. Since The list is broken down by states , one might need help from an outside source with the internet for their locations. I’ll keep you all updated on the out of the 11 letters I’ve sent out this week.

Sample Letter:


To whom it may concern;

I am an incarcerated citizen with a federal prison term. I came across your information on the Edovo App. on the tablet while awaiting sentencing in the Lehigh County Jail in Allentown, PA. I have now returned to the Federal Detention Center in Philadelphia, PA. while I await my assignment to a BOP Prison.

I am interested in the following book topics, if you have them in your stock, if not anything will do.

Prison Reform
Prison Industrial Complex
Entrepreneurships for the Formerly Incarcerated
Grants for Higher Education

You can mail to the following address, since I’ll be there 3-5 months:

Kelly Smith
FDC-Phila, POB 562
Philadelphia, Pa. 19105

Thank you for your time in this request.