Journal Entry: Kelly Marie Perry-01/18/2024

Journal Entry

Critical thinking question…

Since being sentenced and sent to federal prison, I have completed a few programs such as Trauma, Assert Yourself, N.R.D.A.P and I am about to graduate L.C.P in April. Due to my expected release date being in 2046, it is very hard for me to get placed in classes here in Aliceville. Not for lack of trying! I am on several waiting lists. I have been on this compound since 2019, and made it through the Covid lockdowns. The compound is now back to semi-normal but not the way it was before Covid. I have never had an incident report, stay out of the loop of drama on the compound, don’t choose to spend my time getting high on K2 and Suboxone like so many here do, and very few officers here even know my name. I strive every day to just learn all that I can and become a better me! My current goal is to graduate L.C.P and be transferred to a prison that is closer to my home in Cheyenne Wyoming. I am hoping that the next prison I go to will have better opportunities for me to be able to go to school and to be able to learn trades that I can take home with me. I do not qualify currently for FSA, I have been told it is due to my charge, but I don’t really know the answer to that….however, I still do all the programming that I am able to because I want to learn all that I can.